Flin Flon Handgun Club Inc.

Corporate Address

114 Riverside Drive

Flin Flon, MB, R8A 0L8


President: Keith Rudd - 306 688 7056

Vice President : Eugene Westerhaug - 306 362 2557

Secretary Treasurer: Paul Rutherford - 204 687 6367

Range Officer: Stuart Rutherford - 306 688 4271




Welcome to the  Flin Flon Handgun Gun Club. 

Handgun Shooters Welcome (all disciplines)

 Also Cowboy Action Shooting

Some of you may have also noticed that a few of the club members have been working on a new stage for cowboy action shooting. New targets have also been added to accommodate the stage. President Keith Rudd altered our old west shotgun targets so they can be set up without going down range

This stage has been set up for those with an interest in shooting the guns of the old west. Anyone may use these targets but please remember, lead bullets only, no jacketed bullets as they will damage the targets.  This also applies to the 50 yard metal targets.

  All firearms used in this stage are pre1900 and stages usually consist of 10 rounds of handgun, 8 to 10 rounds rifle which must be of handgun caliber, and no larger than #4 size shot for shotgun. Anyone interested or looking for more information can contact Jim Stevens or Miles Stevens

Authorization to Transport


For those who need to apply for an Authorization to Transport will probably be asked for our range addresses which are as follows:


Indoor Range Flin Flon Conservation Center

                          115 Green Street

                          Flin Flon, Manitoba


Outdoor Range SEC 16 TWP 066 RNG 29 W

                             NE SECTION 16

                             #10 Highway