The Yukon Field Force

1898 - 1900


       IN 1898 the Yukon Field Force was formed by the Canadian Government composed of 200 men of the Royal Canadian Regiment (then the Royal Regiment of Canadian Infantry), The Royal Canadian Dragoons and the Royal Canadian Artillery.

    Dr. F. W. Borden, Minister of Militia and Defense, outlined the reasons for the government's decisions on the composition of the force:

   " At first, I believe it was intended to increase the mounted police force, but on further consideration it was thought that it would better serve the objects in view to send a detachment of the permanent force, which would establish a central force in that country, would have a decided moral effect upon the scattered population throughout the district, and if necessity demanded would be ready to assist in enforcing the law and maintaining order there...."

    This year I decided to change my shooting outfit from a Sgt in the NWMP to a Captain in the Yukon Field Force. Don't ask me why but I guess I figured I needed a change.

   I've managed to dig up a few photos of the original Uniforms and published them here. I will eventually post photos of the progress of my new uniform as I research and make changes to it.



Lt - Col Thomas B. D. Evans - Commander of the Force                                                Band


Under the Watchful eye of the SGT .                                                                      Parade


All photos above are from the Glenbow Archives



My progress so far on re-creating a Field Officer's Uniform of the YFF